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The Missing Season 2

In 2006 Emily and Tony Hughes and their little boy Oliver are on holiday at Chalons Du Bois in France. Tony and his son visit a bar to watch television but when Tony turns round Oliver has gone. Tony contacts the local police, led by English-speaking Laurence Relaud and she brings in Parisian detective Julien Baptiste who issues an abduction alert. Emily's parents Penny and Robert turn up, Robert suggesting that Oliver has been kidnapped out of revenge. Also on the scene are journalist Malik Suri and the English police liaison officer Mark Walsh with his young son. Eight years later Emily has moved on and is now living with Mark. Tony however has never stopped trying to find Oliver and, accompanied by Julien, who is now retired, visits a house in the village where there is evidence that Oliver may have stayed. He rings Emily, who in turn contacts Malik, who has written a book about the disappearance.